The Limited Coverage Query

And this year’s one was a… thing

I’ve been asked by multiple people why I don’t provide full coverage of big gaming events or streams, especially when it comes to events that announce a huge amount of new games or reveal big surprises. The simple answer is essentially that I am fully aware that bigger and more popular outlets than myself have covered these to death, so I maintain only what I am interested in.

So what do I mean by this? Essentially people that have real jobs with this stuff are able to provide full coverage and talk about every release that is shown off at these events because… well… it’s their job. As such they will usually provide a fuller explanation of all the games shown off and can even provide more background information as to why things are being released or what they mean for the state of the gaming industry. While I can do that also, that’s not quite what this site is about.

This site has always been a look into my own personal life and how I view games, hence why I note all my reviews as just being my own opinion and not hard, objective truth. I write because I want to share how I feel about games and the news surrounding the industry, thus when events like this come up I only really want to talk about the stuff that peaks my interest and makes me want to tell people about them. Usually that’s smaller projects as I don’t believe they get good enough coverage by bigger outlets, but it usually just boils down to what I am interested in at the time.

So can you expect my coverage to be thorough? Absolutely not, and it’s why I encourage people to watch the streams or events themselves to get a full picture. My job is just to talk about stuff I like, and hopefully stuff that you. my dear readers, are interested in too! Anyway, hopefully this helps clarify a bit more as to my current coverage stance, it’s not laziness, I swear…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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