The Crashing Frustration

Nothing quite this bad… yet…

Playing certain games you go into them with the notion that you may encounter some bugs and crashes, at that point it’s just a given. I usually feel this way when playing Bethesda games as their reputation for being a completely buggy mess makes them almost endearing at times. The times where I find it a real shame is when I play a brand new game, I’m really enjoying it, and then for some reason it starts to crash on me.

I recently decided to try out Control now that it’s on the Xbox Game Pass and I’m really enjoying myself. It looks great, it’s fun to play and the world is intriguing however I am plagued by constant crashing at seemingly random intervals. I have no idea what causes it and no warning as to when it happens, just frozen screen and booted straight back to desktop. It’s frustrating as aside from this the game is a great experience but every time I crash I just feel a bit disheartened to keep playing and just end up browing for a while instead before I get the motivation to play again. I sincerely hope this issue doesn’t plague me much longer as it really kills whatever motivation I have to continue playing ruining a positive experience thus far. I had the same problem with DOOM: Eternal, I hope it doesn’t taint my view of the end experience.

Have any of you experienced bad crashing in games that has made you want to stop playing? Which games did you experience this in? Let us all know in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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