Studying Instrumentals

The frog speaks the truth

It’s funny, as I write this post I have a two hour long compilation of video game music from all different genres playing in the background which is actually helping me to write rather than causing a distraction. The compilation is actually titled “Video Game Music for Studying” which I though was an oddly specific title but after having it playing in the background for a while I now totally see the point in it.

Game soundtracks are almost entirely instrumental as having backing vocals usually distracts you from the visuals happening in the game as you use your auditory functions to determine what the lyrics of the song are. Instrumental songs however are made to add atmosphere to a scene and compliment visuals rather than draw your attention to them. I have stated in various game reviews that a soundtrack to a game can be considered good (or at least just not bad) if it blends into the background rather than making me focus on it. If I actively know music is playing and I don’t like it then generally that’s a sign of a bad soundtrack.

Studying is an important time and speaking as someone who definitely didn’t study enough during my time in education it was mostly due to being distracted by something. Outside stimulus generally drew me away from my studies and from there it was hard to get back into them. So Video Game Soundtracks actually help in this way by allowing you to plug yourself in, listen to some genuinely great music and shut off from the outside world to focus on what you are doing. Also it’s generally considered that you can remember things better by associating them with pieces of music, so having that Pokemon song come up could help you in your exams. Just an interesting bit of advice to my younger readers.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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