Relaxing With Ducks

Talk about a chill experience…

Something I find very amusing is the idea of certain games being popular and positively received purely on the basis of them being exactly what they set out to be in their genre. This is no more obvious than in the recent huge success and critical reception for Plascid Plastic Duck Simulator which is literally a game in which you just watch plastic ducks in a pool and click on them to make them quack. That’s it.

Despite all this the game does something that everyone praises it for to no end, provide a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a very chill experience that is an especially fun time if you’re streaming it with others. It also sits with a 98% approval rating on Steam so clearly this is a game set out to do something and did it so well that it’s now the best in it’s genre, well at least what kind of small genre you believe it to have.

Regardless it’s an interesting look into how games work as a medium and overall it’s just a nice wee game to watch if you want an afternoon to zone out. Not much more to it really. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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