Relaxing Music

Stay the hell away from me Eel…

As I type away at this post I am listening to Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 and being as chilled as I can be. There is something about certain pieces of gaming music that can help to relax you greatly depending on the genre. Some pieces of gaming music can help you to close your eyes and just… float into an abyss of a brand new reality.

Animal Crossing games usually have this music in abundance which really helps with the general tone of the game. Many times I have found myself fishing at the sea while listening to the lovely chirps and beeps of the soundtrack which really puts me in the mood. I feel as though games can be some of the best ways to convery relaxing music as not only do you have the music yourself but you also have a visual representation which can help you to truly get in the mood (like slowly swimming around in a big lake). Maybe I’m just typing strange things by feeling so mellow but I think many others would share my sentiment. I’d love to know what you all thought of this and whether you agree that games can give some of the best music for relaxation.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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