Going Back to the Old

Now that is very classic

I decided fairly recently to give playing Heroes of Might and Magic V a go after seeing it on sale and having a blast with it. In truth while I had plenty of games to play and start trying out at the moment I just felt for some reason that I wanted to play a game from the past. I’ve even considered hopping back onto the emulation train to play some classic Pokemon games and I think I’ve now figured out why.

While yes nostalgia is probably playing it’s part on how I’m feeling in truth I feel a lot of older games were made for the sake of creating a fun game rather than for profit as most modern games are now. Oh sure there are plenty of examples of older titles being made by greedy people but as it stands you are far less likely to encounter rushed game design and predatory business models in older games. Instead you usually got fun gameplay focused experiences that you played, got through, completed and then moved onto a new one. While that sounds as though you didn’t really get your money’s worth in truth it allowed the games to stick more fondly in your memory and of course encouraged repeat playthroughs.

Some of my most favourite games are those with no online connectivity or on-going developments but are instead experiences that the developers have moved on from and are still vivid in my memories. It’s a difficult thing to describe to people that haven’t experienced it but it just felt as though older games had more heart I suppose. However it’s important to not wallow in the past as by doing so you won’t be able to move forward and see all the great things that have come out recently. For now however maybe I will keep at it in Heroes of Might and Magic V, just for a little while longer at least.

What are your opinions on how older games compare to more modern titles? Let us know in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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