Gaming Groups

That is indeed a nice picture of Humphrey

Gaming is often seen as a rather lonely activity with many for some reason still picturing the lone nerd sitting in their mother’s basement playing video games all day but now more than ever the world of video games has opened up to become a much more accepting and sociable world than it has been before. This is most commonly seen in groups that are dedicated to specific sectors of the gaming world or even just singular games themselves!

Take Discord for example. There are so many content creators with their own Discord server or even games/developers that host their own in order to discuss singular games and their communities it pretty much means that no matter what kind of game you are into there will almost certainly be a game community dedicated to it where you can talk to like-minded people. For myself as an example I recently joined a lovely Discord community focused upon Necromancy in the gaming sector which has been a small niche that I have personal interest in and now can talk to others about it (and may very well be involved in a podcast about later this week but hush, nobody can know).

So if you do ever feel lonely in this big, scary world or that you don’t think that others in the gaming world share your interest then just start taking a look around. Who knows, you may find more people interested in the topic than you originally thought. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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