That one chest in Dawnstar…

Gaming can be enjoyed in many different ways. For some they like to be challenged to the point of frustration just for that sweet satisfaction of beating an incredible challenge. Others enjoy feeling like a god and completely dominating everything in thier path. One thing that is shared between both of these playstyles however is the temptation to exploit a game’s mechanics.

I find game exploits to be bad when they benefit yourself to make the game easier. It defeats the point of even playing a game as you’re just trying to win as fast as possible. That’s why I enjoy using overpowered game mechanics or items but only if I have actually worked to get them. I recently watched an old Youtube tutorial which showed how to get to the max Smithing level in Skyrim without using any exploits and it was honestly one of the best guide videos I have ever watched. There was no pointless grinding and most importantly no exploiting game bugs, just hard work, actually doing quests and tangible numbers of resources. It was a brilliant guide and really showed that the hard work and determination of the player can get them to their maximum power without having to resort to endless and boring grinding or just cheating to win the game.

I’m most interested however in what all of you think about this. Do you like to use exploits in games and if so why? Be sure to share your feelings in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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