Embracing Shadows

Some areas here are just… beautiful…

So I’ve been playing plenty of Shadow of the Erdtree this past weekend and, I must say, while this isn’t strictly a review this is exactly the stuff I wanted out of this DLC. It’s big, very big, so big in fact that it almost feels like a pseudo-sequel in a way. There’s loads to do, so many side quests, new dungeons to explore, new characters to meet and there’s even a brand new scaling system that lets veteran players feel challenged in this DLC. It’s an excellent system and it feels just like playing for the first time again, and I still haven’t even finished it!

The only issue I can say for certain I’ve had with this experience is that the initial loading times for the game is absurd now. No way to just quickly hop on and start playing, you NEED to wait until the full game loads up and that can take a hell of a time. Regardless I’ve just taken to making a cup of tea while it loads to help with that issue. It’s been a great time, and if you have Elden Ring, well then you don’t need to wait for me as you probably already have the DLC. Enjoy finding those shards!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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