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Gaming has become a fascinating hobby for many people all around the world. People from all different types of backgrounds now play games regularly and enjoy it to the degree that they actively follows news or new releases within the gaming industry. Recently however there has been a strange trend I’ve noticed among people which is the reverence that celebrities have gotten for saying they play video games.

Now to be more exact with this I of course mean people who are not associated with the gaming industry that are celebrities who play games as of course those who are involved directly in this sector would do this already. This subject in particular was brought up in my mind after watching interviews with Henry Cavill who plays Geralt in the new Netflix Witcher series and he stated that he was an avid PC gamer who enjoyed strategy games like Total War and of course the Witcher series. This sent a massive amount of people into a massive frenzy of speculation and excitement that someone as successful as Henry could count himself as a ‘gamer’ and thus place himself within the same category as you and me.

Here’s the thing however, these people are just human. Being a ‘gamer’ is not that big of a deal to announce nowadays as there are so many different genres and categories for games that there is bound to be something for everyone to play even if it’s just something like a terrible little mobile game that business executives play on the bus into work. Hell my partner hates video games and yet she still enjoys playing Animal Crossing from time to time. This combines with the strange reverence we give to celebrities (especially actors) who appear in the public sphere and we take their word as gospel or at least care about their opinions more than others despite them, again, just being a normal person with a different job to us. I’m happy that Henry enjoys gaming every so often and I think it’s great for absolutely anyone no matter their position in life or even authority to talk about the hobbies or activities they do and find passion within. However this almost religious fascination that people lower down the societal ladder have with celebrities claiming that they enjoy gaming needs to calm down. As in the end we’re all just silly humans and nothing more.

What are your opinions on this subject? Do you agree with me or do you believe something else? Be sure to discuss this with me however you wish! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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