Wiping Out the Competition

Triangle zoomies!

Does anyone remember the classic racing series for the Playstation, Wipeout? It was essentially Sony’s version of the F-Zero series and was an awesome sci-fi racing romp that hit such high speeds you’d be forgiven for losing track of your own vehicle! Well it seems one dedicated fan certainly hasn’t forgotten about it and has not only decompiled the game but has released a free version of the game that you can play directly on your browser!

Dominic Szablewski used a leak of the source code of the game to break it down and release it on Browsers for people to try out. There have been previous attempts at doing this, such as someone releasing a new version of the game called ‘Wipeout: Phantom Edition’ for PC a short while ago, but this is as close to a decompiled full experience as you can get, and playing it on any browser to boot is genius! The creator doesn’t expect this to stay up forever as Sony most likely will smash their legal hammer against it, but this is almost intentional. Dominic you see has noticed Sony’s lack of care for the Wipeout series and wants this to essentially be a flag to them that this game still has a core fanbase and they want a way to play Wipeout without relying on modders, or just for the series to have a new entry. As such this project was born, and it will either stay up online or it will be taken down but noticed by Sony, either way a fair win-win scenario! If you’re interested in trying it out then check out the link for it here.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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