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Unions are a touchy subject when it comes to big sectors of industry. Many see them as evil platforms that spread socialist ideas and others simply find them incompetent and ineffective. However one of the biggest industries that never really had Union representation was the Video Game industry which led to horror stories such as the insane work hours of Rockstar Games or the debacle of when Telltale Games closed their doors and left their employees out in the cold.

Now however steps are being taken to introduce unionisation which I am all for as I feel all workers should deserve to be treated fairly by their respective companies. ‘Game Workers Unite UK’ is the name of the new Union that aims to bring a country-wide system to the workers of the gaming industry within the UK to help them keep a fairer work schedule and better pay. This should hopefully help to fight back against the dreaded ‘Crunch’ that many gaming companies use to make their games better but at the detriment of their workers. Personally if a game takes longer to make or costs just a little bit more to buy in order to ensure that the people who actually made the game are happy and healthy then I am willing to make that sacrifice. I’d rather not feel like the bad guy for enjoying the medium that I spend my time within.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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