Ubisoft’s Game Ransom

OK so maybe that’s a bit too dramatic of a title…

Ubisoft are in hot water once again, who could have forseen this… Recently a twitter user, who happened to also be an avid supporter of anti-drm tactics and other such practices, shared their experience of how Ubisoft essentially stated to them that if they did not log into their U-Play account soon they would not only lose the account, but lose all the games they purchased on that account.

User PC_enjoyer shared screenshots of their interactions with Ubisoft support which confirmed that due to their account having no activity over the years the account would be permanently deleted which not only included everything on the account itself but also all the games present on it, that the user had already paid for. Even worse, the support staff didn’t fully specify as to how long an account needed to be inactive for this to come into effect, meaning we don’t actually know what this policy is or how it is enacted. As such many users are outraged and while you can easily not have the account closed by signing in again it’s still a very anti-consumer move by essentially forcing people to interact with a service that they might rarely lose or risk financial loss.

As you may imagine this news has not gone over well for other on the internet and many are wondering if they will be next to be told about all their U-play games being deleted, especially if they don’t use or forgot the login to those accounts. Personally I don’t even remember if I have a U-play account, let alone if I bought any games on it. So if I lose access then I won’t even know it’s happening as it’s been so long since I used that service. Ubisoft haven’t commented on this again since it has exploded over the internet but you can bet that if others start to face this issue that there will be a lot of explaining to do.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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