The Smash Controversy

Now to just cover the feather…

Here’s an interesting story that I am struggling to believe is an actual thing I have to talk about; Super Smash Bros Ultimate has had to remove a few animations from one of their fighters due to it being viewed as racist.

The character in question is Mr Game and Watch who embodies the handheld gaming systems that he is named after that was released even before the original NES. These small devices had really simple few-frame games on them designed to be quick, easy to play and focused on high scores. One of these was a game called FIRE where you had to defend a fort being attacked by indians carrying torches.

Now this new smash attack from the character you see above you is a direct reference to this game as he is being portrayed as one of the indians. However some twitter users who were Native American took great offence to this portrayal of their culture and asked for Nintendo to remove or alter the animation which they ended up doing. I find this whole controversy extremely silly and not needed however it seems clear that Nintendo want to try and appease all their fans, no matter how offended they are. I just hope this kind of mentality doesn’t bleed over into the gameplay at all. At least this is just a tiny change.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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