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I am Speed

Warframe just got another big mainline update this past week which has transformed the game into both a racing platform and a guitar hero clone, confused? Please do read on.

The main thing this update brought us was a brand new frame known as Gauss. He’s all about speed and kinetic energy being the fastest Warframe around and uses his abilities to charge up his battery to gain even more speed and defence. His visual style is far more robotic than most other frames and as such I absolutely adore how he looks. Alongside this we also got some other stuff such as a new lore library that will be expanded upon, an amazing looking deluxe skin for the Harrow warframe which I have come to love and even some new weapons.

Of course we also got the playable Shawzin. It’s an instrument that used to only be a decoration but now is a full blown guitar hero minigame within the game itself. You activate it by using the emote that comes with the instrument and you pluck away using different chords, strings etc. It even comes with sheet music you can create and share with others and of course you can play pre-made songs in a nice throwback to old guitar hero. Honestly if you’ve been anywhere near the Warframe subreddit then you already know all about how popular this has become.

There are loads of other changes of course, way too many to list here so if you’re interested do go check out the massive amount of patch notes to see all the bug fixes and changes. That’s all for now and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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