The Return of Gigantic

Boom, Boom, Shake the Island

Back in the day during the initial Hero shooter craze there was a cool game called ‘Gigantic’ which featured the usual trappings of a 3rd-person hero combat game but with the inclusion of kaiju battles in the background to win the games, which in terms of gimmicks is a pretty awesome one. Well, unfortunately, the game was shut down a while ago due to lack of player interest which was a huge shame as the game had a dedicated community of people who really enjoyed this game’s unique spin on the MOBA genre.

Well good news for them, Gigantic is back! And this time it’s a general paid game with no microtransactions, huzzah! The return of the game is set to come out on 9th April and will come with new maps, new heroes, bug fixes and a ranked mode. All this extra stuff will hopefully bring in a new audience and I’m sure those who loved the original game will be happy to have the opportunity to play it again. So prepare yourself to feel like your size is inadequate soon, Gigantic is returning!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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