The PS5 Event

And there’s your prices

Alright. Sony had a big PS5 release date announcement event yesterday, time to tell you everything that they showed. Boom, let’s go.

First off is of course the PS5 itself and interestingly It’s coming in 2 editions, one that has a disk drive and one that doens’t. Personally I think this will just confuse parents who don’t know much about gaming consoles but I’m sure some will appreciate the slightly cheaper machine. It’s planning to release on November 12th in certain places in the world and then the 19th for the rest so now would be the time to get your pre-orders in.

Now onto some of the games. They started off showing a brand new Final Fantasy, “Final Fantasy 16” and man they really need to start changing these names. The game will apparently be more of a real-time RPG which means perhaps the turn based mechanics are being abandoned entirely for this entry. We also got to see the new Spider-Man game featuring Miles from the Into The Spiderverse film and it certainly looks rather pretty, hopefully it will just be as good as the previous Spider-Man game.

Next up is our first look at the long rumoured Harry Potter RPG calling itself “Hogwarts Legacy” which seems to be set during the 1800’s which is a very interesting time period for this universe, though strange to have such an aging franchise be one of the star games of this presentation, I’ll wait until I see proper gameplay before I make any judgements. We also got some brand new gameplay for the new Call of Duty, Resident Evil and that mysterious shooter Deathloop. Alongside this we also got an anouncement of a special edition of Devil May Cry 5 which is sure to make fans of that series happy.

Next up is some gameplay of the new Oddworld game which is a series I’m actually surprised is still going as while I enjoyed it greatly it still always felt like a bit of a niche series. Also coming up was the surprise announcement of a new Five Night’s at Freddy’s game of all things! PS5 release and full 3D gameplay, seems Scott Cawthon is making his way up in the world. We also saw some more gameplay of Demon’s Souls’ remastered which looks absolutely stunning. Finally they closed off with the announcement of a brand new God of War game which they’ve titled “God of War: Ragnarok” which was a surprise and welcome announcement from Sony, I wonder what direction they will take this one in.

And that’s all folks! As mentioned this was just a brief summary so if you’re looking for more information then check out the conference and trailers yourself so you can be up to date on just how these games look. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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