The Highest Numbers

beep boop beep boop

Team Fortress 2 recently released another small patch to the game which added new cosmetics to the community and introduced a bunch of small fixes but one of the most well received undocumented changes was that due to how the game changed how it handled several plugin formats and files it effectively broke a lot of TF2 custom content, which just so happened to also break a lot of the notorious bot programs running throughout the servers.

So while this has broken a few custom servers it briefly stopped the huge tides of bots making the game playable once more and even introduced extra measures to help kick bots more effectively. This led to what can only be described as a miracle, TF2 drew in 151,253 concurrent players a few days ago which is actually the highest single amount of people playing in the game ever. It’s suggested that many people flocked back because they wanted to experience the game again without the bot plague and is a good indicator to Valve as to the effect that updating the famous shooter can have to their numbers. Maybe we really will get that Heavy update some day…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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