The Fall of Telltale

Goodnight sweet prince…

A massive event took place over the weekend that shook the gaming industry to its core. telltale games, the studio that almost single handedly created an entirely new genre of modern adventure games and gave us such incredible hits like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us was suddenly and unceremoniously shut down for good.

According to sources from within the company almost 250 staff members were given a sudden notice of leave and were told to leave the offices and have not received any financial help or even a severance package for during their time of unemployment. This comes as a big shock to many however others have pointed out that the company has been steadily on the decline financially and even after a huge amount of their employees expressed dissatisfaction at the management in the company nothing really changed.

There will be a small amount of people still working at the company, most likely filling out final contractual obligations, however the final season of The Walking Dead will not have it’s last two episodes finished and the second season of The Wolf Among Us has officially been cancelled. This is a huge shock to all in the gaming industry as such a talented group of developers, writers, programmers and artists are now without anything and will most likely be in trouble financially for the coming months.

Luckily many other gaming studios have expressed their interest in hiring the talent from the studio so here is to hoping that these people will find new jobs soon and will be able to recuperate from this massive change in their careers. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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