The EA Price Hike

Anyone surprised at this point?

EA did a bad thing again, who’s keeping count? EA announced a wee while ago that they would be returning to bringing games to Steam once more rather than only focusing on EA Origins which made a lot of people very happy as they could stop splitting their game libraries up between the two platforms.

However rather recently EA secretly raised the international prices of several of their classic games on Steam to ludicrous degrees. Even games such as Sim City 4, a classic game loved by many, almost doubled in price despite it being a rather old title. Now it’s quite clear why they are doing this as they want to encourage people to buy the games for the original and cheaper price on their own system, EA Origin meaning that despite them wanting to “bring PC gamers together” they secretly still want people to buy stuff primarily on Origin and are simply using the Steam transfer as a good PR move. It’s a shame as it just means even less people will buy their games due to the price hike. Oh well, are we really surprised by the greed of EA at this point?

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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