The Death of Pogchamp

Who would have thought it would come to this…

Twitch is known for having a variety of reasons for removing or blocking the use of certain phrases or emotes on their platform and with the recent unrest in the US due to Trump supporters storming the Capitol Building it seems their most famous emote, Pogchamp, is another emote that Twitch has decided to ban following the creator the emote was based on, Gootecks, encouraging civil unrest in the US after one of the rioters was shot and killed inside the building.

The attempted civil unrest in itself was the most watched event on Twitch during the time in which it was taking place and more developments are coming out as the story continues meaning Twitch is going to have a lot more interest in this story it seems. The streaming platform released a statement saying that they couldn’t in good consience use the face of someone who was encouraging state-wide violence and that they would work with the community to create a new look for the most famous emote on Twitch. It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s an understandable reaction. Damn America, this is dissapointing to say the least.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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