The Council Will Decide Your Fate

Robo-power rangers, getting cancelled left and right!

It’s a sad day for robot video game fans as rumours have circulated from a Bloomberg report that EA executives will be deciding this week as to if they should continue supporting the game or if they should just consider dropping the massive failure entirely.

It’s a funny situation, Bioware previously mentioned how they were planning to completely rebuild the game from the ground up and name the project Anthem 2.0 but ever since that announcement it’s been relatively radio silent from the studio aside from the occasional small update. Maybe it would seem as though the developers and even the publishers have truly given up on expecting anything to come from this game and rather than keeping a dying game on life support they will choose to just end it and let it die with a little bit of dignity. This could however be another No Man’s Sky situation if they do consider keeping the project running and letting the rebuild complete but this is EA we are talking about here, we will be lucky if they let us play the game offline at all when they shut down the servers.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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