The Ascension of Chat

Not again…

You’d think that companies would eventually understand that you don’t allow the inetrnet any kind of unmoderated freedom when it comes to polls and streams, but it seems as though once again the silliness of the internet strikes again. Silent Hill: Ascension is the latest attempt to continue the Silent Hill franchise through the medium of an episodic stream game that the chat can actively influence. Of course by doing this it gives chat the ability to say pretty much whatever they want, and this has led to quite a lot of vitriol and bad actors rearing their heads. Alongside this of course the stream gives players the ability to buy emotes and other similar things to express themselves in chat, with some of the most noteworthy ones being stickers that make light of trauma… in a game that explores psychological horror and the human mind, talk about the wrong tone.

It’s ultimately a funny situation, but it’s once again another example of the Silent Hill franchise performing a massive mis-step into a new medium. Let’s just hope that the next proper game turns out to be actually good. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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