The 2020 Game Awards Announcements

Ladies, hold back your anime lovepillows

You can see the title, no point in waffling on, let’s get started! Keep in mind that these are just the announcements that I was personally interested in so if you want to see absolutely everything announced then check out the replays of the awards yourself!

First off of course you can see from the screenshot above that a new Smash character was announced, Sephiroth! He will be released at some point this month and I’m sure many Final Fantasy fans will be incredibly happy at the return of this iconic character. Next up we also got a look at the remake of Nier: Replicant which will be coming out next April, maybe I will finally check out where the brilliant Automata came from and get some more information about the lore.

Next a new Perfect Dark game of all things was teased! I thought this series was over for now but it looks like as though the return of games are not quite done yet! The game is in early development right now so basically this is just confirming that the game does indeed exist. We also got a very interesting look at what is essentially a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead known as Back 4 Blood (real creative there guys) which is being made by the original developers of the first series, Turtle Rock, but without Valve at the helm. It will be interesting to see how the developers handle this type of game on their own, I for one wish them the best of luck for their release in June.

We were finally shown something about Dragon Age 4 but still no gameplay yet though the fact that they showed some familiar characters I’m sure will make a lot of fans happy. We also surprisingly enough saw a sequel to the dinosaur survival game Ark announced which seems to have a more story-focused game and even has Vin Diesel starring in this, though again don’t take celebrity endorsement or appearances to be a sign of good quality. The Evil Dead series is also getting it’s video game debut and from the trailer implies that it will, once again, be a co-op zombie survival shooter, I guess the name and faces alone will be what makes this game unique but I will wait to see.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins is also getting a new game believe it or not boringly titled Resurrection. It seems to me as if it’s a brand new entry in the series and not just a remaster but I’ve been wrong before so I will wait to see what other information comes out about it, still very pretty though. A new Super Meat Boy game was announced to come out to the Epic Game Store called Super Meat Boy Forever and it will even be out just a few days before christmas, happy holiday gifts to you all! Also Zenimax showed a teaser trailer for the next Elder Scrolls Online ‘content year’ called Gates of Oblivion which as you may have guessed seems to centre around the titular hell world, getting some Elder Scrolls 4 vibes from this. Finally there was a teaser trailer for the newly announced Mass Effect game which seems to imply that Liara is returning, hooray! This also seems to softly announce that there will indeed be a canon ending for the original trilogy, this should be interesting to see what direction they take the series after Andromeda.

And that would be your lot. A lot of new and exciting announcements this year but unfortunately most of there were indeed for titles in early development or coming out next year but I suppose it just gives us more to look forward to once we get out of horrible 2020! What was your favourite game announcement? Share it in the comments below with us all! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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