Tennocon 2022 Reveals

And THIS is supposed to be fantasy!

Just a quick heads up, this will be the only post this week as I am moving home! So expect more news for when I (hopefully) return next week!

Tennocon, Digital Extremes big news event, concluded this weekend and has a whole bunch of things for Warframe players to get excited about. I’ll be doing a quick rundown of the things shown off but please do go check out the full stream if you’re interested.

Firstly they announced that a playtest for the corssplay and cross-save feature would be coming soon and that shortly afterwards they would announce a date for these features depending on how well these go. Next off we were shown one of the brand new warframes going into the game, Styanax, which seems to be a greek inspired frame wielding a spear and shield, very cool! His full reveal will come with a new animated trailer later in the coming months. We also got a tease of the ‘werewolf’ themed warframe that the community has wanted for many years although no details were announced about the frame itself or it’s powers.

DE also surprisingly announced that they were teaming up with the game’s company ‘Airship Syndicate’ to help create a brand new fantasy MMO. They didn’t announce exactly how much involvement they were having but my guess is that they will be acting more as a publisher and letting Airhip Syndicate work their magic instead. We also got a reveal of the next update for Warframe known as Veilbreaker which sees a continuation of the story post new war and will even see the return of faan favourite Kahl-175. Playable grineer, hell yeah!

They of course showed the big update they have teased for a while, The Duviri Paradox, which saw a whole bunch of strangeness from mixed timelines, to return characters, to void dragons and even being able to ride a winged horse! Very cool stuff though not much about the actual mechanics of the update was talked about. Finally of course there was the biggest reveal of all, that most of the senior staff would be leaving the Warframe project, leaviong Community Manager Rebecca Ford in charge as Creative Director, and they would be moving on to a brand new project, Soulframe. This seems like a fantasy MMO but we only got a cinematic trailer at the moment. It was nice to see them pass the torch onto the younger generation and I wish both teams the best of luck. Let’s see what the future of Warframe holds!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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