Stadia Flop?

Oh dear

Google’s big dip into the gaming environment has just been released and to no person’s surprise the service is being touted as being a technical and commercial flop already.

The service (which I will remind people not only has a monthly subscription fee but also forces you to pay for the games you play anyway) has been tested by many and most are stating that the system feels more like a beta right now and should really have been given more testing before handing it out to the public. Latency has proven to be a massive problem for the devices that run Stadia which means any multiplayer games have already been considered dead on arrival and alongside this the initial line-up of games are mostly last generation that many people have already played and thus don’t want to buy yet again.

Alongside all of this Google has stated that many features aren’t present in the service and will only become available next year such as the ability to stream at 4K and having a free version of the subscription. Most are already deeming this system as a massive failure but I suppose it will be up to google to see if they continue developing it and make it what they claimed it would be or if they will end up abandoning it like many other Google projects.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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