Space Delay

To go where no Kerbal has gone before!

Another victim of the delay craze has come to us in the form of the upcoming beloved sequel to Kerbal Space Program with it being delayed from the first quarter of next year to some point between April and March of the following year.

This is sad to some as the game was highly anticipated but we have at least been given a reason by the publisher, Take-Two Interactive. Apparently they wanted to give the developers plenty of time to make the game as “terrific as possible” and as such the delay was to ensure that the developers didn’t feel rushed in order to get a sequel out for fiscal profit. It’s admirable to see this and in the end it will mean a better game overall so I’m fine with knowing this is happening. It is a rather large gap that this game could release within but as long as the product is worth it then I know it will have been a good decision. In the meantime I suppose those who love the original game can spend more time with it, perhaps even with mods, before transitioning to the next game. God speed you magnificent Kerbals.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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