Silent Hill is Back!

Talk about starting off strong!

The big Silent Hill announcement stream just happened and showed off not just 1 new silent hill games but 4 new games and even the announcement of a new movie! Talk about a massive comeback for the series.

The games announced were a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team which has been rumoured for a while now and is perhaps the biggest announcement of this stream, Silent Hill Townfall which is a brand new game and will seemingly discuss the reason why the town is how it is, SIlent Hill Ascension which is some kind of streamed mini-series in which the chat will directly interact with the narrative which is a very interesting idea and finally Silent Hill F which all we know about is that it’s a new game in the series and it will seemingly be based in Japan.

There was also of course the new movie, Return to Silent Hill, which is being made by the same people who actually made the original movie and as such will be keeping the style very similar however they will be basing the film more after Silent Hill 2 rather appropriately. All in all then it seems fans of this series are eating good tonight as they are getting plenty of Silent Hill content to sate their appetites for the forseeable future. Now let’s just hope all of these games actually turn out good.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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