Rewind That Tape!

That dog creature is both adorable and terrifying..

(Apologies for not writing a post yesterday, personal reasons prevented me from doing so, anyway here is the new post!)

With Pokemon not doing much with itself these days it seems that many other studios want to make their own spin on the crature-capturing genre (is that really an established thing now?). Enter Cassette Beasts, a very pretty looking pixel-based RPG in which you do the standard capture and battling creatures thing, except this time it’s with retro forms of music storage! (do many people even remember what cassettes even are anymore?).

The big change in the formula with this title is not only do you transform into your creatures yourself to do battle giving me many anime-like vibes but also you can mix and match different creatures together to create new forms. It works a bit like that website that you can use to fusion pokemon sprites together so it’s certainly got a unique spin on the typical game set-up so that alone makes it worth checking out. It’s also made by Bytten Studio who are made up of previous devs from Chucklefish so you know that they have some good talent working on this game. I think it certainly has a unique look and will be sure to create some nightmare fuel for people to enjoy so I can’t wait to see when the release date for this title is.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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