Resurrected Studio

Now what about that Wallace and Gromit adventure game…

Well this was completely unexpected, it seems as though that technically Telltale games has been revived from complet bankruptcy, or at least the company name has.

Telltale’s parent company, LCG Entertainment, recently stated that a brand new studio using the Telltale name would be set up with new management and staff alongside it. The company still holds the rights to some of their previous game IP’s and as such some of the stories that previously were thought to be completely dead in the water now have the possibility to be continued.

Now none of this is of course certain. Bad management and shoddy financial decisions is what brought old Telltale down last time and there is every possibility that it might happen again. Alongside this not many of the original staff will be returning for very obvious and understandable reasons however this is still a glimmer of hope to those who love the studio’s games and were saddened by it’s closure. Let’s see if they get it right this time I suppose.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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