Overwatch 2?

The image in question

With Blizzcon only a few days away (and the massive protests that will most likely take place there) many people are wondering exactly what will be announced after the disaster that was last year’s event.

Well we may have an idea as to what will be shown, but it’s certainly a strange addition if it turns out to be true. Apparently according to several sources from outlets such as ESPN the sequel to Overwatch will be revealed at this year’s Blizzcon which is certainly an interesting move considering the current state of the original game.

Apparently the game will have a PvE focus and will be a more co-op centered game with a single player story. This would be a good thing in my book as I prefer single player ventures and thus being able to play these characters in a more lore focused environment would be my ideal scenario. Still I am hoping this turns out to be an expansion rather than a whole new game as the original game is still kicking and announcing a sequel this early seems a bit strange. Still you never know with the decisions being made by Blizzard recently so I suppose we will just have to see when Blizzcon takes place this weekend.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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