Microtransactions in the MCC

Who knew simple words could inspire such fear?

With the popularity of Halo Infinite slowly declining over time with the fans due to the issues regarding microtransactions and lack of content it’s no wonder then that 343 Industries have aimed to provide more content and updates to their more popular title. the classic game collection of the Master Chief Collection. Things however are not quite what they seem as a small addition in an update blog post (as seen above) gives a more insidious look into what the team are thinking of adding; Microtransactions.

This is due to players complaining that unlocks of new cosmetics from each seasonal offerings through their battle pass system was too slow as acquiring ‘Spartan Points’ was such a slog of effort that many don’t bother getting the highest tier of rewards. So as a response to this 343 are instead looking to add ‘timesaver’ microtransactions to help alleviate this issue rather than just fix the problem outright. Obviously this is an awful idea and if implemented would utterly ruin any good faith the company has built up on this collection of games.

Personally this would hurt incredibly hard for me. As many of you already know Halo 3 is my favourite game of all time and the thought of someone adding the poison that is AAA focused Microtransactions into it would be devastating to my memories of it. I sincerely hope 343 reconsider this and see the public backlash on the idea of putting anything like that near such beloved games. Please don’t ruin our memories.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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