Enderal Journeys

Just one of the beautiful locales you visit!

Well this was a nice surprise. For those that don’t know what Enderal is it’s a total conversion, fully standalone game made on the Skyrim engine and designed to be a completely unique story and world. The mod is the biggest ever made in Skyrim and boasts so many hours of gameplay, new mechanics and of course a completely new world and lore to go along with it.

I mention all of this now because one of the biggest faults of the mod was the inability to freely swap between it and vanilla Skyrim as you had to install over the base files, well no more! The Enderal team just announced that they would be getting their very own game directory on Steam which means no longer will you have to swap between the two games and now you can instead have both of them installed and can play them at any time.

This may very well convince me to play the mod and see what I think of it so hopefully this should bring some much needed attention to the conversion and all the hard work that the modders put into it. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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