Devolver Going Public

What a fancy booth

One of the biggest pieces of gaming news as of recent isn’t even particularly related to games but is instead focused on a publisher, Devolver Digital. Recently they went live on the London Stock Exchange bringing the company public and floating at around £950 Million which as it turns out is also one of the largest values for a company from the US to ever be on the LSE, what an achievment!

The company has already attracted a massive amount of interest from buyers with both Sony and NetEase already buying minority stakes in the company and I’m sure over the coming days many more will also be interested in this. There are of course those concerned with Devolver going public as they are most well known for being the ‘rogue’ publishers who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and break the rules in order to seem hip and relevant and due to their focus on indie games this could be seen by many as ‘selling out’.

To me however it just makes business sense. The company has grown far bigger than it has previously been and as such this just becomes financially sensible for a corporation of this size. Whether this means that they will end up losing their soul or forgetting what made them special remains to be seen but I suppose the next few years will be a test of that.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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