David Firth’s New Game

Yup… this is about what I expected…

If you don’t know who David Firth is then you are apparently too young to know better… god I can’t believe David Firth is an oldie icon now…

Anyway, he’s the creator of Salad Fingers! A strange web series from back in the day that prided itself on amateuristic stylings and very odd video topics. Well shockingly it seems David is dipping his toes into the video game scene with a small game he is currently working on titled, and get ready for this, ‘JErry jACkson LANDs turbo edition: the rune’s off time – the stones of jon – qeust 4 the godlen sand of power’. Why yes indeed it did hurt to type that.

The game seems as though it will play very similarly to old Newgrounds flash games and will see you playing as a particularly terrible teen known as Jerry Jackson and his misadventures in school life, and jumping on people’s heads. It’s as strange as it is oddly nostalgic for me and while it doesn’t yet have a release date David has confirmed that the game will be very cheap to buy and, of course, very silly. I have a soft spot for strange projects such as these, so I’m hoping for the best when it finally does come out!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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