Come Hell or High Water

Hail to the Captain baby

I always loved the Newgrounds/Early Adult Swim style of animation with their crude drawings, sharp edges and exaggerated proportions and I wish more games leaned into this fun style. Well it seems that the developer ‘Ciaran Games LLC’ agrees with me as they’ve decided to make a new retro shooter called ‘Captain Wayne – Vacation Desperation’ that uses this exact style!

It’s very much a Doom clone, as can be seen by the gameplay trailer above, though it reminds me more of Duke Nuken with the urban environments, silly tone and one-liner spewing main character who is a badass pirate captain with a robot arm, very nice. Not only that but all the weapons in the game aren’t just weapons, they’re actually just different firing modes for that robot arm of his, what a versatile apendage! The game has a demo available on at the moment and while it doesn’t yet have a release date it’s fair to say this looks like a great time for those who are fans of boomer shooters, emphasis on the BOOM part here.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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