Chinese Live Service Crackdowns

See ya later log-in rewards!

In a surprising move the Chinese Government have decided to crack down on a large portion of system utilised by Live Service games including things such as removing log-in daily rewards, implementing spending caps, ensuring that their servers are based in China so they can be inspected by officials and even getting rid of “Luck-based draw features aimed at children” which is a pretty extensive set of new regulations.

Now while I would normally be pretty happy at these being implemented as most of these systems are rather predatory and take advantage of people with compulsion disorders the actual reason for these being implemented is as simple as it always is, Politics. The Chinese Government want to try and tackle the country’s excessive gaming crisis and are taking these steps to try and get people to stop gaming and love their country more. However, according to experts, these measures tend to not actually work most of the time and just tend to irritate or annoy the average game-playing person in addition to causing investors to back out at a potentially volatile market. Let’s just hope these new regulations don’t put a lot of people out of work…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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