Audio Trip

Give yourself to the rythm!

It becomes difficult to fully review all games I tend to get, especially if they are on the small side or are just starting their stream of content but I hope to at least provide coverage for them if nothing else.

Audio Trip is one of these games, an Early Access VR game that plays a bit like Just Dance meets Beat Saber. Like Beat Saber you must hit notes that come at you in beat to the song however it’s a lot more focused on the dancing side of things and also totes being a good workout which I can certainly attest to. The game is in Early Access and as such the track list is currently quite small with only a handful of songs but they are fairly well known ones from famous artists including Skrillex and Lady Gaga.

As for how the game actually plays it’s your standard hit the notes with controllers type of VR game but it encourages you to perform dances more than just hitting notes which is emphasised by the holographic choreographer that you can see as you play (played by the developer’s very own wife!). It’s certainly a fun game and the sound quality matches what you would need from a game of this type, I also really liked the user interface as it worked like a literal control panel that you presed buttons on in order to navigate which I found rather intuitive and fun.

At the current moment with the fairly small song list the game doesn’t have too much playability unless you really want to keep practicing and get high scores however the potential is very much there. Just like with Beat Saber if the modding scene picks up on the game and more game modes are added I could very well see this game becoming a fun alternative on the VR rythm game scene. I wish the developer luck on the future of this title as it goes forward.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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