Assassin’s Creed Shadows Reveal

We’ve got Sekiro at home

The long awaited Japanese-themed Assassin’s Creed game has finally been unveiled as ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’ and it is exactly the type of thing you would expect it to be. It’s set in Japan during the Sengoku period, you can play as either a Samurai or a Shinobi, the former relying on brute strength and standard combat and the latter being more classic sneaky-stabby Assassin’s Creed style gameplay. It’s based on historical events, it looks very pretty and it’s coming out this year on November 15th.

While I’m not a huge fan of the series it’s nice to see a potential return to the series roots with the shinobo gameplay but at this point who knows if Ubisoft will fill it with microtransactions and general modern day triple AAA gaming fluff. Hopefully not, as a game this pretty deserves to be enjoyed as a simple game product. We shall find out how it truly is later this year, and you can check out the release trailer above! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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