Anthem Atrocity

Whoopsie daisy

It seems as though Bioware are really starting to struggle with Anthem’s post-launch content and may very well be spelling doom for the game as a whole. They recently released a brand new patch which gave the game a new Stronghold dungeon for players to try out however despite this new content release a huge amount of stuff that they promised on their roadmap for April is mysteriously missing.

This was then confirmed by the studio in a Reddit post stating that they would be delaying all the post-launch content until they could work out the core bugs and issues that the game currently has. While this may be seen as a good move to help improve the overall quality of the game reading between the lines seems to suggestg that this actually means that EA are not providing enough resources to push for this extra content and as a result they are simply running on a skeleton crew with most of the creative team being moved onto new projects such as Dragon Age 4.

Let’s hope that this is indeed just a rumour and that Bioware do indeed care about making Anthem the game they wanted it to be, just don’t hold your breath about it. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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