An Incredible Proof of Concept

Talk about uncannily good!

The video you see above is from a Skyrim modder known as ‘Art From The Machine’ who is attempting to make a very ambitious mod, the ability to properly concerse with NPC characters in the game.

So how does it work? Well by using ‘ChatGPT’ to generate believable responses based on each of the characters and then having both ‘xVASynth’ to have the NPC characters talk to you and ‘Whisper’ to allow you to talk back this essentially gives players the ability to actually talk with each character and have a fairly believable response back.

Now it isn’t perfect by far, there are plenty of incorrect pronounciations and it still feels rather stilted, but this is an incredible proof of concept. This is the kind of technology that, if developed over time and perhaps used by a studio with a budget, would allow us to have games that used fully AI generated responses to create a completely believable world you can experience. It works very well for Skyrim due to it referencing things in the game that make sense, but that slight uncanny valley feeling with the characters talking about subjects they shouldn’t normally can hold it back a bit. But honestly this all fascinates me and I for one cannot wait to see what more can be done with this technology.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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