An E3 Digital Disaster

Stare deep into his eyes…

E3 is coming this week and with the entire event being completely online the ESA, the organisers of the event, wanted to create a ‘virtual booth experience’ in which you virtually walk around an environment to simulate being at an actual convention hall. The experience has been heavily gamer-fied with an avatar creator, achievement list, and leaderboards. While this all sounds interesting in concept members of the press have been given access to the system early to try it out before the start of the event and… well it hasn’t gone down well.

The entire system is a joke with the frankly terrifying character profiles created above being a wonderful indicator of how bad things are with the system. Bugs are a plenty all over the system with crashes and missing text/features everywhere, UI elements are obscuring several important pieces of information such as the name of specific publisher booths, refusing to inform users which accounts they are following and hilariously not even giving a female gender option to pick from in the avatar creator, oh joy.

The system is very clearly unfinished and unpolished and journalists have already taken to social media to poke fun at this terrible system. Luckily most people will simply ignore this site and watch the streams directly from each of the publishers so this fiasco will just remain another example of the incompetency of the ESA. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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