A Stardew Update

So this is what endgame looks like…

It seems like a long time since Stardew Valley was first introduced to a budding PC audience who eagerly awaited the spiritual successor to Harvest Moon and no it’s on almost all devices and is considered a masterpiece of game design by many.

Now a big update for the game is on the way and it promises to introduce a massive amount of new features. These include for consoles the multiplayer portion of the game that PC players have been enjoying for the past while and for the dedicated PC crowd there is plenty of new things to be excited about. The developer mentions how certain items or holes that he felt the game was lacking in quality will be fixed and made more relevant such as Wild Bait. He also mentions that there will be a unique event now for each potential marriage partner when you reach the highest heart count with each of them which is sure to make a lot of people who felt particularly attached to certain members of the Stardew Valley community very happy to see these relationships blossom.

Overall I still find it great to see a game of this age still be supported with free content so long into development and with no monetary gain for all of this work. The update is scheduled for November 26th so mark it on your calenders if you play this game! I wish the developer good luck for the next update and I certainly hope it will make fans of the game happy. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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