A Shock to the System

Transitioning a game from mainly 2D into 3D? Seems tricky…

It seems that fans of classic RPG adventure games may have a hard time trusting developers for a while after this news. We all know about Kickstarter games and how they are not handled correctly sometimes, well this seems to be going down the slippery slope of other failed projects. An attempted remaster of the critically acclaimed and most beloved classic System Shock has been put on ‘permanent hiatus’ until the development team can work out what their vision for the game is.

Now to be fair the developer has also stated that the project is not stoppng or cancelled and that they will begin development again once they get their affairs in order, so that does bring some hope to the project. However with the game already receiving a delay from before on when it would be released this seems to be going on the path of constant delays, which hopefully will not lead to the cancellation of the game. In any case we will see how this develops and if the game they eventually create will live up to the original classic.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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