A Second Exile

And this is the new character select screen!? Yikes

So it completely slipped me by that ExileCon, the convention in New Zealand based around the online ARPG Path of Exile was on this past weekend and thus I only heard about the big announcement when it was revealed to gaming news in general, that Path of Exile is getting a sequel.

However that’s not exactly true. You see just like what Blizzard has done with Overwatch 2 Path of Exile 2 will be bolted onto the original game rather than being a completely seperate package. The new game will feature seven new acts set 20 years after the original game, a completely new graphics engine, a revamped skill gem system and a bunch of new ascendancy choices for each of the classes of the game. All of this will be available to those who play the original game and all of the new systems will also be brought into the original acts however to play in the new acts you must make a new character unfortunately.

The game isn’t close to being ready and is actually slated to be coming out in only beta late next year so we have plenty of time to get prepared. Due to this being a completely free to play game I have no issue with them going down this interesting choice for a pseudo-sequel as there is no monetary benefit to this choice so I am incredibly excited! They also announced two new parts of the game, the Metamorphosis League and a brand new update called the Conquerors of the Atlas so people who are still grinding away in PoE have plenty to be excited about over this next year!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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