A New Tribes Game

Hey… buddy… ya like projectiles?

If you were not already aware there is a niche series of first-person multiplayer movement shooters known as the ‘Tribes’ games which centre around high-skill projectile based shooting and objective capturing whilst maintaining some of the slipperiest and fastest movement in the genre. Well as it turns out a new entry in the series is now being developed and just started its first internal playtests.

‘Tribes 3: Rivals’ is the name of the new game and is set to come out at some point in 2024. These series of games have always been very unique when it comes to experiencing high-octane shooter action and some of the internal footage shown off has demonstrated that this will be back in full action on the full release of this game. It’s a niche shooter for sure, but it’s beloved by its fans and I am more than happy to see them enjoy another entry in this beloved franchise. And this time it’s just a simply pay to play game, not a free-to-play like the last one, so that’s a step in a good direction! Let’s hope they can keep it up.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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