A ‘Grand RPG’

We can only hope it turns out good

A while back a couple of RPG industry veterans, Julian LeFay and Ted Peterson, who were leads on the original Elder Scrolls games of Arena and Daggerfall set up a brand new studio known as ‘Oncelost Games’ and stated that they were working on a big RPG project and now it seems the time has finally come to announce exactly what it is they have been working on.

‘The Wayward Realms’ they claim is a new kind of single player procedurally generated RPG that they have dubbed a ‘Grand RPG’ that aims to be one of the biggest of it’s kind. The story will focus around a series of over 100 islands known as the Archipelago and will have you as an adventurer being directly involved in the affairs and plots of the various dynasties and families that rule over these islands and change the course of history through your actions.

It seems like a fairly standard story-hook to get you interested but what most are interested in are the claims that the cities and locations will be absolutely huge with locations having “hundreds or thousands of NPC’s” and a wide variety of locations and biomes to visit, all being procedurally generated of course. It’s certainly an interesting premise and gives a lot of lofty promises but we will see in the end if the ambition can truly match the end product.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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