A Convergence

One Fiery Boi

I’ve not yet finished Dark Souls 3, though I am close, and yet I find myself already planning my next playthrough which is a strange thought. That is purely however because of a fantastic mod I just found out about known as ‘The Convergence’.

The mod is a huge overhaul of the game featuring new items, enemies, bosses, placements and much more. One of the biggest changes however is a huge overhaul of the magic system which not only adds regenerating mana (thank god) it also gives you over 10 new spell categories, one of which of course being Necromancy. It also gives a bunch of new starting classes to take advantage of all this new stuff, including starting as a Necromancer, so as you may imagine this is a huge interest to myself as vanilla Dark Souls 3 has nothing like this. As such I’m really curious how a playthrough with Necromantic powers will play out, that is of course once I actually get around to playing it again if it isn’t too close to Starfield’s release. Either way, this is an exciting mod, and you can find and download it right here.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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