A 360 Controller Remake?

Wow! Buttons!

I do love the Xbox 360 controller. It was probably my most used gaming controller due to the amount of time I spent on my 360 and while it may not be the best controller ever made, that award is probably still the Gamecube controller, it’s still beloved by many fans.

Interesting to see then that a company known as Hyperkin, which makes modern controllers based on older designs, is planning to make a modern version of the Xbox 360 controller known as the ‘Hyperkin Xenon’, interesting choice. It will have menu, share and view buttons, a heaphone jack, a usb-c adapter option and of course will come in a variety of colours.

It’s all very nice however unless you have specific need for modern button functions it seems to be a strange thing to want to buy as they didn’t reveal a price for this yet which may ultimately be the determining factor. This is because normal 360 controllers are still plentiful and cheap as chips to buy and they usually still work with most PC and console software as long as it has standard USB capability. Still I’ll be interested to see how popular this is as it may very well be an indicator that people are nostalgic for the Xbox 360, and that is just a bizzare sentence to say.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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