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The only way I can feel alive inside… is more product…

I think this may be the first time I have ever jumped onto a developing trend as it was becoming a big thing, the only comparable thing I did was with Minecraft but I was in with that game ‘before it was cool’ cue epic gamer montage… or something along those lines.

I had my eye on Fall Guys when Devolver Digital first announced it and now that I’ve had a chance to play it I have to agree that I can really see the appeal of it. It’s a very simple concept, being essentially Takeshi’s Castle with 60 contestants at once, and the cutesy art style and simple to understand controls and objectives makes this game very accessable and a blast to play. I’ve yet to actual win a full game show yet but that ever elusive chance at getting a crown for myself is pushing me to keep trying and yet I don’t find myself in a competitive mindset, instead I just want to run around with my silly bean man and have a fun time which is the purest form a video game can truly get.

I would say however that this is a game that could get quite repetitive at the current moment but I’m sure that with the game being developed over time that more games will be added and it will become a lot more enjoyable and varied. Consider this post a… mini review of sorts for Fall Guys, there are certainly worse ways to spend an evening… or two.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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